Lim Vodka

Lim stands for "Less Is More"

Clément PRAUD, a fervent advocate of the “less is more” philosophy, is launching a delicate and refined vodka, LIM VODKA.

Committed to a new art of living, Lim Vodka invites us to adopt minimalism, to advocate moderation, and to return to the essentials in order to move towards a more ethical and sustainable world.

Lim stands for the enigmatic three letters of “Less Is More” and embodies an innovative approach to the world, a different philosophy of life, and aspires to share it with those who matter.


is one of the jewels in the crown of French know-how. Our philosophy is rooted in hedonism and simplicity, guiding our way of being. Delicacy and refinement are a natural part of our DNA. Lim approaches the world with lightness and meaning.







Made in France

Distilled in Cognac and made from 100% French winter wheat, our vodka is the fruit of a column distillation process, meticulously carried out five times. This method gives our vodka exceptional roundness and delicacy. To preserve its purity, it is carefully reduced with pure water from Charente springs. The result is a crystal-clear, sparkling vodka.

Tasting notes

This vodka has a soft, smooth character. The nose is fine and delicate, while the palate offers a soft, round warmth.








Curiosity and commitment

Dare to be curious in order to get out of your comfort zone. Dare to question yourself and your environment in order to move forward and discover a new way of living… 

Exploration and frugality

Explore frugality to open up to new ways of consuming ‘less, but better’. Awaken your senses and fully experience the sweet aromas and smooth texture of our vodka. 

Sharing & pleasure

Sharing is more than just a moment of conviviality. Sharing is a philosophy based on lasting pleasure, the quest for happiness and fulfilment.













Clément Praud

“A former professional rugby player who played in La Rochelle, Nevers and Cognac/Saint-Jean-d’Angély, I decided at the age of 35 to embark on a completely new adventure. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passionate about the world of spirits, particularly whiskies, I set up my own company, DRAUP SPIRITS, in 2020, with the aim of designing and distributing French spirits in its own image.

My credo is French Flair!

With unique creations such as Ben Cocky and Loyal Bandit, I’m committed to preserving the values that forged me. I create spirits that bring people together and cultivate conviviality. Respectful and disciplined, I have surrounded myself with the best experts in the Charente to develop recipes of exceptional quality.

DRAUP SPIRITS embodies authentic French craftsmanship, combining commitment, quality and innovation. Discover unique spirits and immerse yourself in my heritage, blending the spirit of rugby with a passion for spirits.”

Cocktail Signature "Lim Mule"

Discover the recipe

1- Make the “Lim Mule” cocktail directly in a traditional cup mule

2- Fill the mug with crushed ice or ice cubes

3- Mix the Lim Vodka, lemon juice and Ginger Beer.

4- Stir gently with a cocktail spoon.

5- Add a slice of lime


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